Cap and Gown Information

ATTENTION CLASS OF 2021!  Orders for Cap and Gown are now offered online. The cost for the Cap, Gown and tassel is $16.65 (includes sales tax). For more information use this link for Cap and Gown Information from Herff Jones. If you can borrow a cap and gown from the Class of 2015 or later, you would only need a tassel. These tassels will be provided by the Main Office and distribution will be determined at a later date. All Cap and Gown payments must be made online as follows:
○ Go to 
○ Type in DOWNINGTOWN HS WEST in the box at the top of the page to find your school
○ Click SHOP GRAD PRODUCTS, scroll to the bottom of the page
○ Click SHOP INDIVIDUAL PRODUCTS INCLUDING CAP AND GOWN and the cap and gown packages will appear