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Mobile Lab Update

Mobile Lab Update

Wow!  Families from all 10 DASD elementary schools have donated to the Ed Foundation's "Help us Build a Bus" campaign. Thank you so very much!

With only 16 days left in this campaign - it ends on the very last day of school, June 8, 2018 - West Bradford Elementary School is out in front, with Bradford Heights and Springton Manor Elementary Schools close behind.   Directly behind the top three are the remaining seven elementary schools!  At this time, the prize of being the first school to use the Mobile Lab is totally up in the air

Our goal with this first major fundraiser of the Downingtown Community Education Foundation is to get as many families as possible to participate in this project.  We have the bus (a huge thank-you to the Krapf Bus Company) and other corporate donors are helping us turn it into a mobile lab.  But we still need to outfit the bus with all the experiments, technology and other exciting equipment that we hope to purchase.    

The Ed Foundation hopes that you will consider donating to this community campaign - in any amount.  The elementary school with the highest family participation will be the first to see the bus roll up to their school.  Please click on the link below, select your child's school, and donate!

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