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STEM Semi-Finalists Announced in the 2022 National Merit Scholarship Program

National Merit Semi-Finalists


On Wednesday, September 15, 2021, officials of the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) announced the names of approximately 16,000 semi-finalists in the 67th annual National Merit Scholarship Program.  These academically talented high school seniors have an opportunity to continue in the competition for some 7,500 National Merit Scholaships worth $30 million that will be offered next spring.  To be considered for a Merit Scholarship® award, Semifinalists must fulfill several requirements to advance to the Finalist level of the competition.   About 95 percent of the Semifinalists are expected to attain Finalist standing, and approximately half of the Finalists will win a National Merit Scholarship, earning the Merit Scholar® title. 

More information regarding the National Merit Scholarship Program can be found here.

Congratulations to the following DASD STEM Academy students that were named as Semi-Finalists in the 2022 National Merit Scholarship Competition. 


Irene A. Abraham

Kushi Amara

Samrithaa Balakrishnan

Sarah R. Crawford

Shreesh Dassarkar

Arnav Dhingra

Mohith Gollapalli

Olivia A. Gulish

Nathan S. Jiang

Alice C. Liu

Ajay S. Macherla

Troy M. Ramiscal

Nandita C. Reddy

Siddhant Sharma

Shannon Shih

Pranay Sivaraju

Manuel M. Thomas

Maria A. Thomas

Aparna Vagvala

Dev Vidya Jijilal

Rohit Vipperla

Sophia Wu

Brandon Z. Ye