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East juniors Mahitha Penmetsa and Siri Dandu create GirlPlex

This April, Downingtown East juniors Mahitha Penmetsa and Siri Dandu created GirlPlex, an organization providing free coding classes to girls. GirlPlex is focused on closing the gender gap in computer science and aims to support young females in their pursuit of computer science fields in in high school. 


It started as one, in-person class last year at the Downingtown Library with approximately 25 middle school girls. It has grown to a series of online coding camps, serving over 200 elementary and middle school students from 11 different states. They have taught HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby and Python. The team even held a “students in STEM” college application panel to support rising female seniors interested in a STEM major with their college applications.


Ms. Penmetsa and Ms. Dandu plan to continue their lessons throughout the year and expand their organization to include teaching JAVA and adding Python lessons for high school students.


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