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STEM Senior, Ajay Macherla, publishes self-help book


Ajay Macherla is a rising senior at Downingtown STEM Academy who has written a self-help on mindset and personal development called From High Schooler to High Schooler. It was independently self-published on July 27, 2021 and is available on international Amazon marketplaces.


Through observing his failures and successes, Ajay explains his story from an unmotivated middle schooler into a proactive and goal-oriented high schooler. His book shares a four-pillared framework in his book for achieving high performance development that is specifically tailored to high schoolers. The book covers key strategies, including having the right mindset, learning to effectively manage your time, and staying healthy:


Area 1: Mindset (Paradigms, Proactivity, The Life Goal)

Area 2: Skillset (Time Management, Leadership, Public Speaking)

Area 3: Relationships (Networking, Rallying Support, Academic Relationships)

Area 4: Health (Lifestyle, Technology, Productivity)

The book shares several straightforward, actionable techniques in each chapter, which are reinforced by the personal stories of more than 30 high school students worldwide––from US and Canada to Kuwait and Malaysia.


He is excited to begin his journey as an author and share his story to incoming middle- and high-school students.


To learn more about the book, please visit:



ISBN: 979-8542152936