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DASD and DAEA reach five-year professional staff agreement

DAEA and DASD On Wednesday, November 13, the Downingtown Area School District (DASD) board approved a five-year agreement between the Downingtown Area Education Association (DAEA) and DASD.


The early-bird agreement included a schedule for incremental salary increases, an increase in healthcare contribution and minor language changes.


The tentative agreement was ratified by DAEA on November 7, 2019. “It’s good to know that DAEA members have the stability and security that comes with a union contract,” said Craig Krusen, DAEA President. “The legally-protected right that we have as DASD employees to collectively bargain with the District allows our organization the opportunity to work collectively to negotiate and secure wages, benefits and working conditions. We believe this contract is a benefit to our members, and more importantly the students we serve each day in all sixteen district schools. With this process complete, DAEA is excited for all that we can accomplish; working with the district to continue to build the legacy that is Downingtown, while improving upon the high standards that parents and our community expect.”


Board President Jane Bertone remarked, “We had an amazing team of individuals at the negotiation table, all of whom came with an openness and willingness to compromise. I would like to personally thank Vice President Carl Croft and Director Colleen Cranney for their dedication to our students and their commitment to finding a mutually beneficial agreement.”


Superintendent Dr. Emilie M. Lonardi echoed President Bertone’s sentiments, adding “Our school board is a team of volunteers. They put in countless hours to ensure that our district continues to best serve our students, staff, parents and community members. We are grateful to the board and their negotiating team for reaching this agreement.” She went on to express her appreciation of DASD’s teachers, “DASD is successful, in large part, due to our dedicated, passionate and innovative educators. The work that they do each and every day supports academics and engages our young learners.” She added, “This agreement is a reflection of the synergy between the professional staff and the school board that is integral to the success of our students and the district, as a whole.”