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Rightfully Hers pop-up exhibit focuses student attention on the Nineteenth Amendment and its impact today

Through the end of November, the Rightfully Hers pop-up exhibit is on display at Students display rightfully hers pop-up exhibit Downingtown East High School. This National Archives’ exhibit commemorates the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment, explores the history of women’s voting rights and examines the Amendment’s impact today. Despite decades of marches, petitions and public debate to enshrine a woman’s right to vote in the constitution, the Nineteenth Amendment – while an enormous milestone – did not grant voting rights for all. The challenges of its passage reverberate to the ongoing fight for gender equity today. 

Rightfully Hers co-curator Jennifer N. Johnson states, "The ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment was a landmark moment in American history that dramatically changed the electorate, and although it enshrined in the U.S. Constitution fuller citizenship for women, many remained unable to vote. 

Downingtown East teacher Stephen Smith coordinated bringing the Rightfully Hers exhibit to Downingtown. “The struggle to expand democracy is examined in our US History and AP US History classes. I thought the four-sided museum style exhibit was a valuable way for students to engage in the public history of such an important movement.”

The exhibit is open to the public during school events, and can be found in the auditorium lobby.

Rightfully Hers is organized by the National Archives and Records Administration. In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Nineteenth Amendment, the National Archives has launched a nationwide initiative and major exhibition that explores the generations-long fight for universal women’s suffrage. The exhibition is presented, in part, by the National Archives Foundation through the generous support of Unilever, Pivotal Ventures, Carl M. Freeman Foundation in honor of Virginia Allen Freeman, AARP and Denise Gwyn Ferguson.


Photo caption: The Rightfully Hers pop-up exhibit focuses student attention on the Nineteenth Amendment and its impact today. (Pictured from left to right: Charlotte Shaw, Hannah Moses, Siddhi Patel, Peter Stauffer, Helen Zhu, Neha Manthena, Katie Emmert, An Nguyen, Mr. Stephen Smith)