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East Junior spends a day with the Superintendent

A Day with the Superintendent


Downingtown East junior April Komal emailed school superintendent, Dr. Emilie Lonardi.  The email wasn’t a complaint about the cafeteria food, tests or too much homework.   April wrote to ask Dr. Lonardi how to become a school superintendent.  It was a career move she was very much considering. 


Dr. Lonardi served as April’s Expert Advisor when the then sophomore participated in an AP Research course and field work. The two have been in contact ever since.   Dr. Lonardi invited April to “shadow’ her for a day and join her in some of the daily activities of a busy Superintendent.  Now in her second year in the Downingtown Area School District, Dr. Lonardi spends much of her time visiting the district’s 16 schools, participating in professional learning activities, watching athletic and music events and consulting with architects in the planning of a Downingtown STEM addition and a new Uwchlan Hills Elementary School.  


“There is a shortage of talented people considering educational leadership”, said Dr. Lonardi.  “To have one of our own students considering such a move is very gratifying.   I was happy to give her a chance to see what I do on a daily basis.”


April and Dr. Lonardi visited each department in central office to learn about the multitude of jobs at the District level.  Then, they visited several classrooms at East Ward Elementary school, the same school April attended during her elementary years.  The two also met with the district’s Joint Home and School Board, a group composed of the presidents of each school’s Home and School Association.   April also joined the superintendent for a Technology update meeting, a District Safety Committee Meeting and assisted Dr. Lonardi in crafting a few email messages.


At the end of the day April remained firm in her plans to become an educator with an eye on the top post.   “It was a really great experience,” she said as she departed the Central Office Administration Building at the end of the day.  She has plans to return periodically for a few after school meetings and is really forward to learning more about a superintendent’s duties from Dr. Lonardi.