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DHS East Academic Team wins Battle of the Brains

DHS East Academic Team

DHS East wins the Battle of the Brains


A great crowd was present at the 11/29/2016 Battle of the Brains to witness one of the closest matches in Battle history.   With the DHS West Academic Team hanging on to first for much of the three rounds, the DHS East team came from behind to clinch its third Battle of the Brains victory. 


The Battle of the Brains is the "brainchild" of DASD Superintendent Lawrence Mussoline.  Dr. Mussoline wanted to have a day in the year when academic knowledge (and a skill for trivia) could take the stage.  The first Battle ended in a victory for DHS West.   DHS East has previously won two of the six championships with the STEM Academy taking the other two challenges.  


The Junior Varsity STEM Academy team took top honors in the JV event.   DHS West came in second in both the JV and the Varsity rounds.    


Thank you to the CCIU for helping us put on this popular event.