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Board and DAEA approve new three year contract




Board and DAEA leaders after vote

Left to right:  Board Vice President Carl Croft, DAEA President Craig Krusen, DAEA negotiation team member Lauren Bold, Board President Colleen Cranney and DAEA Vice President Gary Gittis



Downingtown, PA, [17 November 2016]– The Downingtown Area School District Board of Directors and the Downingtown Area Education Association have reached an early agreement on a new three year contract.  The School Board unanimously approved the agreement at a Special Board meeting on Thursday.  

“Negotiating this new contract with the union leadership was a very positive experience”, said Board President Colleen Cranney.  “Our Board members and union leaders worked together as a team to reach this agreement.   The new contract is both fair to our hard working staff and fiscally responsible to our community.  

The Board’s vote followed the 900-member union ratifying the Tentative Agreement on 16 November, 2016.  The Downingtown Area Education Association represents the district’s teachers, guidance counselors, librarians and nurses.

“We were able to work collectively to improve our contract in ways that continue to maintain and enhance standards that attract the best and brightest educators to our District," said DAEA President Craig D. Krusen.   “This sustains the legacy that our current and past educators have established.  Our team is very pleased to have been able to work cooperatively with the board to reach a collective bargaining agreement that creates a stronger school district that benefits our entire community.”

Teacher will get an average annual pay increase of 2.64% under the contract running from September 1, 2017 through August  31, 2020.  Teachers will pay more toward health care premiums, paying 11% toward health care for the length of the contract.    

 “The most valuable asset our district has is its people”, said School Superintendent Lawrence Mussoline.  “Both sides share the same deep commitment to providing our children with the best education possible.  Coming to an early, successful conclusion is something everyone in our district should applaud.”