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Data error causes slight change in high school SPP scores

Data error causes slight change in high school scores
In early October, the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) took down the link to the 2016 School Performance Profile (SPP) scores for both elementary and high schools.    The reason for this was the temporary removal of scores was the realization there had been an error made in calculating some high school scores. The data contractor PDE used to determine the SPP scores had missed a growth measure for students with Individual Education Programs (IEP) who took the Keystone Exams.  This error changed the score for our three high schools. 
The School Performance Profile does not just look at test scores.  It measures the yearly growth in student achievement and academic growth.   50% of the score is based on the PSSA/Keystone/PASA test performance and how the school is progressing to 100 percent proficiency.  40% of the score measures the academic achievement level of groups from year to year.   10% looks at other indicators such as graduation rates, promotion rates and attendance. 
Due to the data correction, both DHS West and DHS East saw their scores increase.  DHS West, with a score of 95.6 is now the 20th best scoring high school in Pennsylvania.  The STEM Academy with a score of 98.3 is ranked 12th.  DHS East scored a 90.7, which is the 64th best score in the state.