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2020-2021 Student Parking Applications

2020-2021 Student Parking Information

Please be advised that we have a limited number of spaces available for student parking, therefore permits may not be available later in the school year.

Students are not permitted to park on school property without a parking permit.  A $25.00 parking ticket may be issued for any violations. 


To receive a parking permit, students must have the following:

  • Cleared all obligations (including 11th grade physical on file with Nurse for SENIORS)
  • Completed online Parking Application form (Link to the online Parking Application is here.)
  • Valid Driver’s License, current Vehicle Registration & Insurance - must be presented at time of permit pickup

Student parking applications beginning Monday, October 5th.  View a copy of the Parking Letter here.  


Below are a few key items to remember when purchasing a parking permit:

  • Have paid the parking fee of $37.50 on their PaySchools account.  PAYMENT MUST BE SUBMITTED PRIOR TO PERMIT PICK UP.  PAYMENT IS NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • Bring the following items for verification at the time of permit pickup:
    • Valid Driver's License
    • Current Vehicle Registration
    • Current Auto Insurance Card
  • Please be advised that we have a limited number of spaces available for student parking, therefore permits may not be available later in the school year.  Each student is limited to registering only one vehicle. 
  • Temporary parking passes are issued only to students who currently possess a parking permit and need to bring a different vehicle on campus.  This temporary pass can be obtained by seeing Mrs. Donovan in the Main Office. 

Strict adherence to parking rules and regulations are necessary for the safety of every student.  Disregard of parking rules and regulations will result in a $25 parking ticket being issued.  Any outstanding tickets will become an obligation.  This year’s permit will enable students to park in any of the four student lots.  (Click here for a view of the map with designated student parking areas.