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Karthik Murugan Published his first book "Legal Attack"!

Karthik Murugan is a ninth-grade student at Downingtown East High School. He has written a chess book called “Legal Attack” 

His book got published on Dec 30, 2020, by Archway Publishing - Simon and Schuester. The book is widely available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ingram, and hundreds of other retail channels around the world.

This book is intended for beginners and moderate players. This book has 300 chess puzzles categorized under 30 powerful chess tactics. Each tactic has 10 puzzles. The first two puzzles are examples with arrows indicating the solution. The next eight puzzles are for the reader to solve. Practicing these puzzles will help recognize standard patterns to improve and win your games. Puzzles are organized from simple to more complex, gradually taking the reader through the important aspects of chess. Puzzles focus on tactics, mates, and traps. Mastering these tactics could help you win many games.

He has been playing chess since 2014. His peak USCF rating is approximately 1700s. He has played 800 games in 170 USCF rated tournaments. He surpassed 1000 in the first 20 tournaments. Notably, he is a two-time Greater Mid-Atlantic Elementary Champion and a two-time Pennsylvania State Scholastic Bughouse Champion and 2017 US Open National Elementary Chess Champion. Karthik has been in Daily local a couple of times for winning major tournaments and was honored by the DASD board two times. 

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ISBN: 978-1-4808-9721-2 (sc) 

ISBN: 978-1-4808-9722-9 (e)

Library of Congress Control Number: 2020919245