• Systems & Support Team

    The Systems & Support team handles technology services such as the following:

    • Support: ‘Boots on the Ground’
      • All 1:1 devices and deployments
      • All end user break/fix
      • Remote and in person support, drive up support
    • Systems: Webmaster, Google, Helpdesk

    Kat Lawyer
    Systems & Support Administrator
    (610) 269-8460 Ext# 11512

    Amy Madden
    Systems & Support Supervisor
    (610) 269-8460 Ext# 11514

    Technology Support Technicians
    Jeff Arnold, Level II
    Jeanette Bandy, Level II
    Archana Basanagoudar, Level II
    Brandon Bowers, Level II
    Bob Cressman, Level I
    Tim Cronin, Level II
    Arlene Fetterolf, Level II
    Eric Glass, Level II
    Kyle Grove, Level II
    Shaun Hamson, Level II
    Andrew Herman, Level II
    Bruce Lord, Level II
    Omar Montalvo, Level II
    Alex Moore, Level II
    Chris Moyer, Level II
    Alex Nolan, Level II
    Sharon O'Brien, Level I
    Yaritza Pagan, Level I
    Anastasija Rochester, Level II
    Derek Rozwadowski, Level II
    Yesenia Slade, Level I
    Ben Tobias, Level II
    Paul Uhrig, Level II
    Dan Walsh, Level II
    Debbie Walters, Level II