• General Attendance Information:


    Reporting Absences

    Email sm_attendance@dasd.org . Please provide the student’s name, homeroom teacher and reason for the absence.


    PA state law requires written documentation anytime a student is not at school

    • Calls to the attendance hotline are no longer required!
    • SchoolMessenger will send an automatic phone call to parents/guardians if a student has been marked absent from homeroom. If you feel the call was made in error, and that your child is actually at school, please call 610-942-8950 extension 27002 to verify.
    • If a student arrives late we need written documentation - either a doctor or parent note.   Please note: Not all lates are excused, even with a parent note. See the Parent Handbook for acceptable reasons a student may be late to school. 
    • If a student is leaving early we need a note sent to our attendance email, sm_attendance@dasd.org the morning of the early dismissal.  Early dismissals require a Parent/Guardian signature in our student sign-out book.
    • Any time you have an emergency need for an early dismissal, please call the school at  610-942-8950 extension 27002.
    • Absence notes need to be received at the school within three days of the student’s return to school.   Our attendance email, sm_attendance@dasd.org (there is an “_” between sm and attendance), should be used for absence notes.   If you send an email for the absence note, do not also send a written note.



    A signed parent/guardian excuse note or email sm_attendance@dasd.org excuse note must be returned within 3 days of the student absence or the absence will be marked unexcused and/or illegal. A physician's excuse is required for any consecutive absence of more than 3 school days. Please refer to DASD Code of Student Conduct 7.16.14.


    Please email your child's teacher(s) for homework assignments if your child has been absent 3 or more consecutive days.


    Absence Excuse Card - you may also email sm_attendance@dasd.org replace this excuse note

    Early Dismissal Form - we encourage you to email sm_attendance@dasd.org