• Pickering Valley E-Z Money Program
    These fund raisers are FREE money and require little more than registering a shopper's card or clipping "Box Tops." These small efforts are really worthwhile - they make a HUGE difference to our school! 
    Here are three EASY ways YOU can help:
  •  Box Tops
    Clip the Box Top from hundreds of participating products (click here for a complete product list - they are on lots of General Mills and Kleenex products, among others) and send them to school with your child.
    Each Box Top is worth 10¢ - last year, PVSA earned over $1,000 from this program, but we can earn up to $10,000 each year!
    Please send in your Box Tops in a bag, clearly labeled with your child's name and that of their teacher. 
    Box Tops Badge
    Box Tops FAQs:
    What do I do with all the Box Tops that I’ve collected?

    Simply send them in a Ziploc with your child’s teacher name on the bag so we can credit the classroom for the Box Top contest. Or, drop them off in the E-Z Money bin in the main office. If you want to really help out, please clip all Box Tops to the dotted edges before sending them in!

    Do Box Tops expire?
    Yes. Box Tops (and the special bonus Box Top certificates you receive from the grocery stores) do expire, so please send them in regularly! 

  • Giant A+ School Rewards Program 

    Register your Giant Bonus card online - that's all you have to do! You will earn money for Pickering Valley each time you shop at Giant from September 7, 2018 through March 16, 2019 using your registered Bonus Card! Click here to register your Giant Bonus Card online.
    Please use ID # 24069 for Pickering Valley.
    You no longer have to re-register your card each year, but a quick check to make sure your details are correct would be very much appreciated.
    Last year, we received over $1,000 from Giant. 
    Giant A+ Rewards Apple
    Do you accept any other items such as cell phones, ink jet cartridges, Capri Sun pouches or soda tabs?
    Unfortunately, we no longer accept cell phones, ink jet cartridges or Acme receipts (those programs have been discontinued). Staples will accept and give rebates for ink jet cartridges if you have a Staples Rewards card. We do not accept Capri Sun pouches or yogurt lids. We will accept aluminum can soda tabs for Mrs. Fraim (these are donated to the Ronald McDonald House). 

    What is the money earned from E-Z Money programs used for?
    Money earned from the EZ Money programs is used by the PVSA to fund assemblies and other programs that DIRECTLY benefit the students of Pickering Valley. In past years, points earned from Campbell’s Labels for Education were used to purchase equipment for the Physical Education program.

    I don’t have time and I never remember to collect all these things! How can I help?
    Get your children involved! Make it a game to find and clip the labels! There are plenty of collection sheets available on the Box Tops website that kids can print and fill up! Make sure to register your Giant store cards – then you don’t have to do anything and the rewards pile up!

    Do you have a question that isn't answered above?  If so, please contact Manisha Jain, the EZ Money Coordinator.