Fall 2021

  •  Fall 2021 After School Experience

    Oct 11 - Dec 10


    Explore, Create, Innovate - experience and learn through fun, hands-on programs! 

    The Downingtown Community Education Foundation wants to inspire all children to learn, grow and reach their potential.  Our mission is to enhance and enrich the education of all students through programs that support innovative and forward-thinking educational opportunities. We are pleased to work with the outstanding teachers in the Downingtown Area School District to provide these programs that engage students and encourage them to combine technical knowledge and skills with creativity.

    All elementary programs meet once a week from 3:30-5:30pm. Parents are responsible to pick child up - transportation is not provided. Not all programs are offered at each school each session.  Program offerings are based on teacher availability. 

     Grades 1&2:

    ANIMAL ADVENTURES :  (grades 1&2) Focus on ELA skills - reading, comprehension, research, presentation and writing while learning about animals, insects and habitats.

    CODING:  (grades 1&2)  Many of our daily activities involve devices that employ programs created by software developers. In coding, students will develop their problem solving and thinking skills as they learn the concepts of computer coding which can then be used to create their own games and art. Students will participate in unplugged activities as well as self-paced activities. 

    COOKING UP SCIENCE: (grades 1&2) Students will learn about the different properties of matter - solids, liquids and gases. Experiments will teach them about the surface tension of water, hydrophilic and hydrophobic substances, how gases behave, creating solids from liquids and non-Newtonian fluids.  They will also learn some civil engineering as well as participate in some design challenges.

    FINCH ROBOTICS: (grades 1&2)  The Finch Robot is an all-in-one bot that comes with leveled programming. Programs include different levels to guide your students through the experience of learning to code and build.   

    OZOBOTS: (grades 1&2) Students will participate in a design thinking challenge that is grade appropriate. They will collaborate and create like an innovator by employing creative problem-solving skills and code the Ozobot. they will employ the engineering design process to identify challenges, gather information, generate potential solutions, refine ideas, and test solutions.

    Grades 3-5:

    CREATIVE TECHNOLOGY: (grades 3-5)  Create your own music, videos, films.  Learning the building blocks of verses, chorus, and bridges from songs you know will help you to create music of your own. Using iPads students will learn to create beats, arrange tracks, and record vocals. They’ll learn chord structure, drum beats, and song composition so they can open up new ways to convey themes and ideas in their music storytelling.  Using the iPad camera and iMovie, students will learn about composition, lighting, camera angles, pacing, and how to establish setting to construct strong narratives through documentaries, live events, and short films.

    FILM MAKING WITH THE iPAD: (grades 3-5) Students will use digital media to create a book trailer of one of their favorite chapter books. They will create a script with images and use iMovie to produce a final product. 

    FORENSICS:  (grades 3-5)   Explore the science of forensics. Learn how to fingerprint, analyze handwriting, spot the difference between real and counterfeit money, collect evidence, and solve a mystery.   

    HUMMINGBIRD ROBOTICS:  (grades 3-5) Using components such as light, sound, rotary sensors, servos, and gear motors, along with your imagination and craft materials, create and learn to program a robot. Students can take a Hummingbird course as many times as they like and make something completely different with different levels of complexity each time as they master programming and engineering skills.     

    LEGO ROBOTICS:  (grades 3-5) Build LEGO robots using Mindstorm EV3.  Use software to plan, test and modify your robot's behavior.

    PHYSIC FUN:  (grades 3-5) Explore the fundamental laws of nature.  Learn about simple machines, forces and motion and energy by doing different experiments using the scientific method.
    STOP MOTION FILM MAKING:  (grades 3-5) Stop Motion is a filming technique in which objects such as clay models or lego figures) are photographed in a series of slightly different positions so the object seems to move. Create a storyboard, choose sets, characters, and effects to create your own movie.

     REGISTRATION NOW - click on your home school name to register

    Not all programs are offered at each school - program offerings are based on teacher availability.  Program offerings will change each session.
    Fees:       $155/class          $80/class for students eligible for or participating in Free & Reduced Lunch program
    Fees increase $10 September 24th 
    10% sibling discount will be taken at end of registration - make sure to register all siblings at the same time.
    The Downingtown Community Education Foundation is committed to ensuring that every child has the opportunity to participate in "The Experience".   Scholarships are available - please contact Ronda Hamilton   rhamilton@dcedf.org 

    Please consider increasing your registration payment for this session as a tax deductible donation to support our scholarship efforts.  Just $10 or $20 can make a difference! 

    A minimum enrollment of 7 is required for a class to run. Full refunds are issued for programs cancelled by DCEF.  Refunds will be given up to one week prior to the start of the session minus $10 administrative fee.  Credit toward another program session will be given for withdrawals after the start of the program session - no refunds.  
    Parents are responsible for to picking up children on time - transportation is not provided.  (parents will be charged $5.00 for every 10 minutes beyond the end of the class.)