Parent Speaker Series

  • Parent Speaker Series events feature speakers and presentations that support student health and wellness. Events are free and open to the public. In light of the pandemic, all presentations are currently via Zoom

Upcoming Events

  • May 2 at 7PM - Mental Health 101 College & Beyond

    Join us to learn practical advice on: Accessing mental health and crisis services on/off campus and away from home, managing medications, insurance tips, emergency medical leave, legal documents, and developing an emergency plan.

    Mental Health 101 College and Beyond Monday May 7 at 7PM

Past Events

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    Mock Teen Bedroom with Be A Part of the Conversation
    A collaborative presentation with Communities that Care of Greater Downingtown
    “Mock Teen Bedrooms” are interactive and educational displays that illustrate: trends in adolescent substance use and related devices; the warning signs of substance use; and how to best address these challenging topics. Learn more about our CTC partner Be A Part of the Conversaton at:

    Being Comfortable in the Uncomfortable: How to have tough conversations with your kids
    A collaborative presentation with Communities that Care of Greater Downingtown
    Being a caregiver requires engaging a child/teen in growth promoting conversations. Often, the more important a conversation the more uncomfortable a caregiver will feel. Being uncomfortable directly influences if a caregiver will develop a “you can tell me anything” relationship versus a critical and dismissive relationship. Explore the importance of co-regulation, preparation, and using a checklist to stay comfortable in the uncomfortable with Dr. Jennifer Benjamin from the Philadelphia Child and Family Therapy Training Center.

    Community Connections: Addressing Student Mental Health Event 
    The event will feature community mental health professionals, who will:
    • Explore ways to identify mental health risk factors,
    • Provide resources for supporting students,
    • Learn what we can do to destigmatize conversations about mental health and suicide

    Wellness Reset for Summer
    A collaborative presentation with Communities that Care of Greater Downingtown
    Join our panel of mental health and medical experts to learn hands on strategies to reset and reconnect as a family this summer. There will be ample time for questions, answers and dialogue. Panelists include: Priscilla Singleton, LCSW, LMFT Director of Clinical Standards & Senior Therapist Council for Relationships. Jennifer Benjamin, PhD., LPC, Clinical Fidelity Specialist & Clinical Trainer Phila. Child and Family Therapy Training Center. Jan Michener, MA, Executive Director Arts Holding Hands and Hearts, Inc. Amanda Daley, Director of Yoga Arts Holding Hands and Hearts, Inc. Dr. Meghan Belamorich, of Christine Meyer MD & Associates.

    Supporting Our Kids In Reducing Their Stress (And Ours)
    A collaborative presentation with Communities that Care of Greater Downingtown
    Did you know? 67% of DASD youth are exposed to opportunities to participate meaningfully with their family (*PAYS, 2019). Clinical psychologist and comedian Matt Bellace, Ph.D., uses humor to teach parents how to support youth with words and actions to help them make healthy choices. This program will focus on how parents can help foster skills in a supportive environment without arguing. The goal is to help improve the quality of life for both parents and youth. Topics will include: resiliency, healthy coping, communication skills, brain development and more. K-12 parents welcome!

    Recognizing Signs of Depression and Suicide
    A collaborative presentation with Communities that Care of Greater Downingtown
    Did you know 21% of DASD 12th graders seriously considered suicide and 43% felt sad or depressed MOST days in the past year (PAYS, 2019)? Adolescents are faced with more challenges and expectations than ever before, as rates of depression, anxiety, and suicidal behavior continue to rise. Dr. Wintersteen (virtually) returns to DASD to help parents learn the warning signs of distress in adolescents, how to effectively help your child, and how to access resources for support. There will be time for questions and answers following the presentation. 

    PREP: Prevention Resources & Education for Parents/Caregivers
    A collaborative presentation with Communities that Care of Greater Downingtown and CARON
    Did you know 71% of Downingtown youth feel they are a valued part of their family? (PAYS, 2019) Parents and caregivers are the most powerful influence in preventing their children from using alcohol, nicotine, and other drugs. Join us to build skills to start, and keep, conversations going!

    Trauma, Resilience, & the Importance of Self-Care
    A collaborative presentation with the Chester County ACES Coalition
    A virtual presentation that provides a foundational understanding of the impacts of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and trauma, highlights prevention strategies, offers ways to build resilience, as well as discusses the importance of self-care. 

    Internet Safety
    Joe Myers, Community Outreach Supervisor, The Crime Victim’s Center
    Learn how to better understand the internet, where kids learn to use it and how to build healthier boundaries

    Accessing Behavioral Health Services
    Regan Sarmento,M. Ed. Adolescent Service Liaison, Onward Behavioral Health
    Learn how to access treatment in the community and better understand levels of care

    Managing Grief and Loss Around the Holiday Season
    Lara Krawchuk, LCSW, Healing Concepts, LLC
    The holidays can be an especially difficult time for those facing grief and loss. Learn tools to help manage your emotions and find support in the community.

    Recognizing Signs of Depression and Suicide, Mental Health Awareness
    Matthew Wintersteen, Ph.D, Thomas Jefferson University, Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior

    What are the signs of depression and suicide? How can you protect your child? Answer these questions and more while learning best practices to keep your child safe.

    February 6: Screening of "Screenagers Next Chapter"
    *Due to copyright protection, we cannot provide a recording for this title*
    "Screenagers Next Chapter" reveals how tech time impacts kids’ development and offers solutions on how adults can empower kids to best navigate the digital world and find balance. 

    Watch the trailer here.

    Drug Trends and Vaping in Our Youth
    Caroline Fenkel, Center for Families, Malvern, PA
    What are the signs and symptoms of substance use and vaping? Learn how to recognize these behaviors in children and find support.

    Embracing Summer
    Keli Laverty, Be Rooted
    Learn strategies for transitioning to a summer that looks different than normal, including tools to manage uncertainty and change in order to build inner resources and resilience in our kids