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DASD welcomes back faculty & staff

DASD welcomes back faculty & staff
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Downingtown Area School District hosted its annual Opening Day for all district staff members on August 22.

The event was held virtually, with Superintendent Dr. Bob O'Donnell - along with central office and Downingtown Cyber Academy staff - joining from the district administration building and school staff joining from their respective buildings.

"Each year, seeing our entire faculty and staff come together gives me a strong sense of pride and I believe the energy of Opening Day helps set the tone for the school year," Dr. O'Donnell said in his opening remarks.

Other speakers and presenters included School Board President Lee Wisdom, Downingtown Area Education Association (DAEA) President Gary Gittis, Assistant Superintendent Dr. Lou Chance, Assistant Superintendent Dr. Robert Reed, and Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Justin Brown.

During the event, the district also premiered a video featuring a group of DASD students - both returning faces and new additions - engaging in candid, heartwarming and hilarious conversations with Dr. Bob O'Donnell 

All students return on Monday, August 28.


Wide shot of conference room at administration building with opening day slideshow on screen, bob at podium, and audience
2023 Opening Day Bob at Podium in front of district logo
2023 opening day, audience looking up at screen