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    Every family at Pickering Valley Elementary School is part of the Pickering Valley School Association (PVSA). PVSA is an all-volunteer organization that depends on donations of both resources and time to be successful. Towards the goal of enhancing the social and academic experiences of our children inside and outside the classroom, PVSA sponsors a wide variety of activities and events. We look forward to working with you!

  • 2020-2021 Executive Board
    President                                1st Vice-President 
    Suzanne Hoyes                       Jeanne Czubaroff
    610-592-5066                        484-432-1198
    email                                      email
    2nd Vice-President                Secretary
    Lara Perrault                        Lauren Epperson
    610-806-2974                      484-744-6322
    email                                   email                    
    Treasurer                              Assistant Treasurer
    Deepak Sanakal                    OPEN

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  • What's Happening Now at PV? 
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    PVSA needs YOU!
    PVSA events & activities are
    only possible with your help!
    Please consider co-chairing a
    committee or event. Detailed
    information is available to help
    with all planning & details. No
    experience is necessary!!!
    Contact Jeanne Czubaroff for more
    info about open positions!
  • PVSA Board Meeting 
    Next meeting date TBD