• Clubs + Music Programs

      • Chorus ("D" DAYS)
      • 4th Grade Band ("C" DAYS")
      • 5th Grade Band ("A" DAYS")
      • Grade 4 Intramurals ("B" DAYS 7:50AM-8:45AM)
      • Grade 5 Intramurals ("C" DAYS 7:50AM-8:45AM)
      • Fifth Grade Art Club (TO BE DETERMINED)
      • Fifth Grade Broadcast Club - "E" Days Please contact Laurie Deluca for more information.

      **Please note that these designated non-academic, extra curricular clubs do pose a fee to individual students** 
      *Please note that these designated music programs pose a fee to individual students*  

      Q: Where can we pay for this fee?
      A: www.payforit.com
      Q: I have more questions about PayForIt
      A: www.dasd.org > "Parents" > "Activity Fees"