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  • District climate is made up of inclusive exchanges and dialogues between community members, faculty, staff and students within our schools. These community values are upheld when individuals take opportunities to become more diverse and use the district as a place to explore and broaden their horizons. When a district is truly inclusive, students, teachers and staff can feel a sense of belonging. To completely be inclusive, individuals within the district need to be able to efficiently express ideas, dreams and dialogues. There must be equal opportunity and a space for everyone to contribute fully. Do we see this today? A trend in some districts in this country is one that expresses, racism, prejudice, sexism, lack of understanding and disrespect. It limits the amount of individuals who can be a part of the community especially in the classroom. Macroaggressions plague our schools and individuals begin to feel marginalized. There is no value in a district that creates a space of fear and uncertainty. 

    Creating a positive, inclusionary and diversity driven district, takes time, patience and skill. Districts have to consider not only the pool in which they hire teachers and staff, but also from the pool in which they recruit students. DASD is an institution where teachers, staff and students are committed to creating an environment where individuals can successfully pursue their academic goals and dreams without the interference of negative experiences caused by microaggressions and institutionalized racism. As stated above, the administration, teachers and staff, play a key role in creating this inclusive environment. They must foster a sustained and long-term commitment to change and progression that acknowledges diversity and multiculturalism. We must acknowledge and be aware that many individuals have complex identities in which their experiences have been based on gender, race, color, creed, sexual orientation and ability. 

    I envision a district where every student is encouraged to achieve to her or his highest potential and we will maximize our differences to achieve excellence. I recognize that it will take growth, change, hard work and vigilance to achieve and maintain this vision. I am prepared to do that work and provide guidance and a clearer path for the work of the District, Superintendent, Board, teachers, students and community to achieve this noble vision.

    We will acknowledge and work to address structural or procedural barriers to full inclusion within the district.  We must all take ownership of our behaviors and understand shared community values of respect and excellence. DASD will create an environment where individuals have real and equal opportunities to grow and thrive.

    Sincerely,DEI Logo

    Justin L. Brown, M.A.

    Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion