• The "Experience" is afterschool and summer enrichment programs for DASD students in grades 1-8. 

    The Downingtown Community Education Foundation wants to inspire all children to learn, grow and reach their potential.  Our mission is to enhance and enrich the education of all students through programs that support innovative and forward-thinking educational opportunities. We are pleased to work with the outstanding teachers in the Downingtown Area School District to provide these programs that engage students and encourage them to combine technical knowledge and skills with creativity.



    Explore, Create, Innovate - experience and learn through fun, hands-on programs! 

    NOTE:  During this pandemic our over-riding concern is the health and safety of your children. We will be offering in-person classes beginning January 11, 2021.  These classes will be taught within the guidelines of DASD's pandemic plan.  Students will be working individually - not in small groups.  Class sizes will be limited to promote social distancing.