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    The study of modern language entails acquiring a language system and applying it in four active and interrelated ways: through listening, speaking, reading and writing. These four skills involve exchanging ideas and effective communication. Effective communication, in turn, involves the intellectual process of understanding how ideas can be best expressed to the audience concerned. Understanding ideas, and expressing them clearly and convincingly, demands an awareness of th e cultural characteristics of the audience. At the STEM academy, modern language courses are communicative in nature, encouraging students to immerse themselves in the language and culture of study. Students complete meaningful tasks that contribute to t heir overall proficiency. Current and authentic materials enhance student - learning experiences. Technology further aids students in their studies. Each course provides them with a comfortable, yet challenging, environment, in which they work towards the goal of becoming lifelong learners of their chosen modern language. 
    Modern language courses are based in interdisciplinary, inquiry - based instruction, requiring students to investigate, analyze, create, and draw conclusions in the target language. Projects supported by second language acquisition - based research require students to think critically about cultural and academic criteria using oral, aural, verbal, and written modes. Demonstrations of understanding in some courses culminate in a formal research paper.