Important District Links

  • Please find below some important District Links to resources.

    Also added is how to find the links.

    Suggestions are welcome!


    District School Board Page: Please review school board notes: (District Home page>School Board>Meeting and Committee Information)

    District Committee of the Whole page: Please review agenda and notes: (District Home page>School Board>Committee of the Whole)

    District Health/Safety Page: (District Home page>Blue Banner)

    District Health & Wellness Page: (District Home page>Our District>Health & Wellness)

    2017 Pays Survey: (District Home page>Our District>Health & Wellness>PAYS Survey)

    Community Mental Health Resources: (District Home page>Our District>Health & Wellness>Parent Guide to Community Mental Health Resources)

    Chester County Community Services: (District Home page>Departments>Counseling>Crisis Intervention and Emergency Information)

    West Home & School: (District Home page>Schools>DHS West>Home & School)



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