The goal of the social sciences is to prepare students to be informed, productive, responsible, and conscientious citizens in our democratic society and inter dependent global community. All courses offer a comprehensive, standards - based curriculum rooted in the study of the geographic, historical, social, cultural, political, and economic forces that have shaped our nation and the world. Students are required to gain the knowledge and wisdom necessary to understand current domestic and international conditions and events. The integration of content - based knowledge will support critical thinking and social skills to foster democratic values and encourage civic participation. The social sciences will provide the needed skills to grow and mature in a global society. This will enable students to recognize that human activities and opinions are widely diverse and that the study of society requires an appreciation of such diversity.
    All courses and levels are steeped in inquiry and interdisciplinary project based instruction, and require students to draw conclusions and to communicate ideas and analyses in a variety of ways that include verbal and written modes. Students will also have the opportunity to think analytical ly, critically and creatively to solve problems, judge arguments and make decisions. All students will embark upon projects that involve the introduction and development of historically based research and writing as a core requirement and some that culminate in a formal history or social science research paper.

    ST3014 – PD Civics and Government (Grade 9)

    ST3014B Blended PD Civics and Government (Grade 9)

    History is the process of recording, reconstructing and interpreting the past through the investigation of a variety of sources that promote empathy for, and understanding of, people living in other societies and time periods.  The 9th grade Social Studies curriculum is designed to develop a student’s understanding of government, civics and the role of the individual in society.  It will begin to frame a student’s knowledge from the while providing a framework for future inquiry into the events of the 20th century.  The course includes foundations of western democracy and society, the evolution of the American style of government, as well as further examination of the progression of historical and contemporary examples of major world governments and societies.  This course requires students to engage in the exploration and research of primary and secondary historical sources and the works of individuals throughout history.  

    ST3024 – PD United States History and The World  (Grade 10)

    ST3024B Blended PD United States History and The World  (Grade 10)

    US History and the World builds on the skills and foundations established during the 9th grade course. Students continue to develop the skills of a historian but now focus on the involvement of the United States and its relationships with other countries.  This is accomplished through the analysis of primary and secondary sources to help to frame a student’s knowledge, while providing a framework for future inquiry into the events of the modern world.  The course includes deeper explanations of western democracy and society, as well as the evolution of the American style of government, and its responses to issues around the globe.


    IB History of the Americas

    History is more than the study of the past. It is the process of recording, reconstructing and interpreting the past through the investigation of a variety of sources. It is a discipline that gives people an understanding of themselves and others in relation to the world, both past and present.

    Students of history should learn how the discipline works. It is an exploratory subject that poses questions without providing definitive answers. In order to understand the past, students must engage with it both through exposure to primary historical sources and through the work of historians. Historical study involves both selection and interpretation of data and critical evaluation of it. Students of history should appreciate the relative nature of historical knowledge and understanding, as each generation reflects its own world and preoccupations and as more evidence emerges. A study of history both requires and develops an individual’s understanding of, and empathy for, people living in other periods and contexts.

    The content of the history course is intrinsically interesting and it is hoped that many students who follow it will become fascinated with the discipline, developing a lasting interest in it, whether or not they continue to study it formally.

    IB History  at the Standard and Higher Levels will encompasses the main developments in 20th century world history, specifically the Causes, Effects and Practices of War.  The course will also include an intense focus in the Americas from the periods of pre-World War I through the Cold War and into Post Cold War Era.  The Higher Level course also comprises an additional intense study of the Americas through the late 21st Century into the millennium.

    IB History 


    ST3034 – IB History Year 1 – SL (Grade 11)

    ST3044 – IB History  Year 2 – SL (Grade 12)



    ST3035 – IB History  of the Americas Year 1 – HL (Grade 11)

    ST3045 – IB History of the Americas Year 2 – HL (Grade 12))