• Welcome to Mrs. Weidner's Counselor's Corner!


    Please see the monthly newsletter listed on the left page of this screen.  You will find updated information on this month's classroom lessons and our monthly themes. Below is information about my School Counseling Program at Pickering Valley. Please reach out to me at any time!


    Who are elementary counselors:

    • Masters level certified school counselors specializing in children's personal, social, emotional, and academic development
    • Liaisons between home, school and the community
    • Members of student support teams
    • Child advocates

    Counselors help with:

    • Social, emotional and behavioral issues interfering with academic success
    • Family or community crises that impact students and staff
    • When caregivers need information and support with the challenging job of raising children

    Students meet with Mrs. Weidner by:

    • Self-referral by leaving a note in her mailbox or asking the teacher
    • Parent referral
    • Teacher or staff referral
    • Peer referral
    • Counselor intiated referral

    Small Peer Groups

    Small peer groups are a way to reach students who share the same concerns and have similar needs. All groups are aligned with the American School Counselor National Standards for Students. Each group will run approximately 6-8 weeks for 30 minutes per session. They are designed to be fun while encouraging personal growth within the student by making connections while growing a specific skill set. Students are referred by classroom teachers. If you feel your child might benefit from direct instruction in the area of social, emotional or academic success please reach out to me directly.

    Monthly Large Group Lessons

    Throughout the school year I will be visiting with your child in a classroom setting during Innovation Time. Each grade level and class will receive a minimum of 8 lessons focusing in social, emotional and career development. These lessons were created by all DASD elementary counselors and are aligned with Pennsylvania School Counseling Association (PSCA) and American School Counseling Association (ASCA) standards. PSCA standards are also aligned with all PA Common Core standards.