• All three Downingtown High Schools offer exploratory internship opportunities to seniors. Students may sign up for short term or long term experiences with qualified local businesses.  Through this program, students experience the business environment first hand and get a good look at a chosen field before they enter college.     
    Susan Boardman, STEM Academy Internships and Parnerships Leader said of the program, "We had over 60 businesses visit this year, and they’re coming because of workforce development. The companies want to give back to the community, but the driving force is that many are having a hard time finding the talent out there. They want a robust program, not just a college internship program, that can help identify students earlier.” 
    STEM Academy graduate Eric McMillan added,“The experience showed me how different parts of a global company can work together to create success. Through the group project I was able to see how people collaborated in a corporate environment. It was helpful to see how every part of a business affects every other part of the business – no one department can work on its own.” 
    To connect with the STEM Academy Career Exploration program, contact Susan Boardman at sboardman@dasd.org.
    To talk to the DHS East and DHS West Career Office, contact Chris Wick at cwick@dasd.org.
    To consult with the DASD Coordinator of Career Readiness, contact Dr. Troy Podell at tpodell@dasd.org.