• Art  
    Art in the 21st Century I (Grades 9/10)
    Experience the creative process for personal enjoyment or for the pursuit of additional art courses. In context training and practice of tools and materials in various media will jump-start students’ imagination and understanding of the world around them. Areas of study include drawing, painting, graphic design, digital imaging and sculpture. Emphasis is on creative and critical thinking, problem solving and personal expression through inquiry and project based instruction.
    Art in the 21st Century II (Grade 10)
    This course is designed to inspire the student to build upon the skills, techniques and worldly perspective acquired in Art in the 21st Century I, and to reflect and demonstrate their abilities in body of work for a portfolio. A wide range of materials and skills will be integrated into the curriculum through inquiry and project based instruction.
    IB Visual Art (Grades 11/12)
    IB Visual Art is an excellent choice for students who wish to strengthen their innovative, creative thinking and analytical skills in order to complement their STEM studies. A variety of media and techniques make this course diverse and challenging for students who are interested in exploring artistic traditions from past, present and emerging cultural backgrounds as well as producing a portfolio and exhibition of their work.

    Students choose between a focus on studio work and a focus on arts investigation. The course is designed to enable students to study visual arts in higher education and also welcomes those students who seek life enrichment through visual arts.

    IB Visual Art offers two options: Higher Level, which provides more opportunity to develop a body of work in greater depth and breadth, and Standard Level which provides the opportunity for the same high level of performance in a smaller body of work. The IB Visual Art course is designed to present students with many opportunities for creative growth.