• As the start of school approaches, we'd like to share the diagram of the "Parent Drop-Off and Pick-Up" locations. First and foremost, we'd like to strongly recommend utilizing school bus transportation in lieu of personally driving your students to and from school. Both the AM and PM traffic is very heavy as over 3500 students are entering and then leaving our three-school campus. Combined with normal 322 and Rock Raymond traffic, it becomes even more congested. Lastly, in four weeks, we anticipate the opening of the "Royal Farms" store and while we are wildly excited about the chicken, coffee, and gas, it will still add another layer of traffic issues.

    For those of you who still choose to brave the campus chaos in your own vehicles, we ask that you follow the pattern detailed in the map from the following link: Parent Drop-Off/Pick-Up

    Parent Drop-Off and Pick-Up are located at the cafeteria lot on the Route 30 side of the building (as seen in the attachment). For before school drop-off and after-school pick up, please do not pull-up to the front of the building. That entire lane is dedicated to buses which serve our low-incidence special education populations. We need those buses to have full access for our students with physical needs.

    However, if you are picking up your child during regular school hours for any reason, please park in one of our "Visitor" spots in front of the building and come to the foyer to pick them up. 

    Thank you in advance for your help and cooperation! We can't wait to start the new school year!