BoxTop Winners!

  • BoxTops Blitz!!

    Our BoxTops Blitz contest is over, it ran for six weeks during Jan and Febr. Thanks to everyone who sent some in!  Together we collected 3,000 Boxtops!  That is $300...  Keep on clipping!  We will continue to collect BoxTops all year long!
    We are expecting a check to arrive from BoxTops likely in May for approximately $341 (that includes $316.80 (mailed 3/1) + 24.20 (earned online) 
    That brings us up to about $869 for the year  ($528.90 for last check + $341 this check)
    Here are our six Weekly Raffle winners who will each receive a 5Below gift card.  (certificates and gift cards were given to the office to distribute).
    1. Lindy K
    2. Gretchen H
    3. Anthony B
    4. Jonathon L
    5. John B
    6. Rosina R
    The student who submitted the most BoxTops was Andrew B with 740 BoxTops  (565 clipped Boxtops + 175 online)