• Welcome to Unicorns Read!

    The unicorns of Uwchlan Hills have each received a white, cardstock snowflake.  Each child is encouraged to read a book over winter break, write the title on the snowflake, cut it out, and return it to school after the break.  There will be a collection spot near the publishing center.  Then, we’ll adorn the halls of UH with our snowflake titles.

    -          Yes, they can decorate it besides the title- glitter on the edges, make it colorful, etc!

    -          Yes, they can read more than one book, but they only get one snowflake.  Books can be listed, or additional 

               titles can go along the ‘spokes’ of the snowflakes.

    -       It is NOT mandatory homework.  It’s just meant as a fun way to encourage reading.


    Snuggle up with a good book! :)

Unicorns Read