First Name Last Name Department/Title Extension Email
Anya Lafferty Administrative Secretary 6800
Karen Case Secretary 6801
Sara Baginsky Occupational Therapy
Pat Blank Cafeteria
Sandra Borders Lunchroom Monitor
Michelle Brubach Special Education Aide
John Campbell Head Custodian
Meghan Dennis Director of Special Education 6160
Alicia Dever Instructional Aide
Carrie Dickman Supervisor of Special Education 6276
Karen Downey Library and Building Aide
Sara Farr Instructional Aide
Terry Foulk IST Aide
Barbara Giannone Instructional Aide
Elizabeth Gillis Special Education Aide
Deborah Goepfert Special Education Aide
Randy Good Custodian
Bridget Hanson Instructional Aide
Kiana Hanson Special Education Aide
Citreese Keller Instructional Aide
Meredith Koplinka Instructional Aide
Keshata Lawson Special Education Aide
Linda McKain Instructional Aide
Lisa McNeill Special Education Aide
Serita Moreno Special Education Aide