First Name Last Name Department/Title Extension Email
Shelly Donnell Administrative Assistant 3500
Kate Barretta Secretary 3542
Jake Arters Custodian
Meredith Behm Library Aide
Christina Bernhard Special Education Aide
Kathleen Chadwick Instructional Aide
Christina Corcoran Instructional Aide
Jason Creed Head Custodian 3533
Meghan Dennis Supervisor of Special Education 6160
Carrie Dickmann Supervisor of Special Education 6276
Deanna Effinger Aide
Susan Erdman Special Education Aide
Stephanie Fernandez ESL Aide
Lisa Gallick Instructional Aide/Lunchroom Monitor
MaryEllen Giordano Math Instructional Aide
Melanie Gulish Physical Therapy
Alexandra Hale Speech Therapy
Eileen Hartshaw Aide
Patricia Heron Special Education Aide
Rodger Hurst Custodian
Marcella Keenan Instructional Aide/Lunchroom Monitor
Jane Keeler Instructional Aide
Kimberly Kehr Kindergarten Aide
Debra Kelly Occupational Therapy
Mary Kolenda Lunchroom Monitor