First Name Last Name Department/Title Extension Email
Elisa Marx Administrative Assistant 4800
Shelly Hanford Secretary 4801
Cathy Baylouny Instructional Aide
Kathryn Brazunas Aide
Cassie DeCristofaro Aide
Carrie Dickman Supervisor of Special Education 6276
Adella Ducine Cafeteria Monitor
Jan Farina Aide
Ryan Farrell Supervisor of Special Education 6164
Gahr Fey Lunchroom Monitor
Bill Fowler Custodial Staff
Tish Freas Aide
Carol Freeman Aide
Lauren Gracia SS
Amy Grubb Occupational Therapist
Melanie Gulish Physical Therapist
Mike Hall Custodial Staff
Kelsey Horn Aide
Diane Hydrean Aide
Sharon Jarema Aide
Nicole Kimes Lunchroom Monitor
Ashley King Cafeteria Manager
Patricia Leszkowicz Aide
Maureen Lusen Aide
Donna Madden Aide