• Welcome to the Lionville Middle School
    Health Office

    (610) 524-6300, Ext: 2579
    Certified School Nurse: Karen Webb, RN, BSAHA, CSN Email: kwebb@dasd.org
    Diane Nolte LPN   Nurse Tech Support  DNolte@dasd.org DNolte@dasd.org
  • The Health Office is open during school hours. Students visiting the Nurse's Office must have their passbook or a pass from their teacher. Students should not attend school if they have a fever (temperature over 100⁰), diarrhea, vomiting, persistent cough or a communicable disease.
    If a student does not feel well during the school day he or she should see the nurse for treatment. According to school procedure, students are not to notify their parents to be picked up if they are not feeling well; the nurse will determine if a student should be sent home for medical reasons. If a student contacts a parent to be picked up this will be counted as an early dismissal not a nurse exclusion.
    The Nurse does not prescribe treatments and is unable to give medications without a physician's written order. All medications must be sent to school in the original container. We will not assume responsibility for treatment of injuries which did not occur during the school day.

Wellness Tip

  • Regular Exercise : Exercising for 15 minutes each day can extend lifespan on average by 3 years.
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