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IB Hexagon  
The IB Program is a focus on the growth of the whole individual.  Every student at the Academy enrolls in a full set of IB courses in their 11th and 12th grade years so interdisciplinary connections to content and skills can be made critically and frequently.  In order to be considered a full diploma candidate, students must complete three IB courses at the Higher Level (HL) and three at the Standard Level (SL).  Every IB Diploma student must select one course from each of the following groups as well as complete the three elements of the IB Core. All other students (IB Course candidates) must take a total of six HL/SL courses but do not have the IB Core requirements.
Group 1 - Language & Literature: 
Group 2 - Language Acquisition: 
Group 3 - Individuals & Societies: 
Group 4 - Sciences:
Group 5 - Mathematics:
Group 6 - Arts (or a second course from Groups 2-5):
 IB Core Elements:
The Core Elements explained -  As stated before, one of the main goals of the program is connections.  These three core elements are meant to foster these connections allowing students to digger deeper on concepts that interest them.  The first element, commonly referred to as ToK, is a metacognitive approach to course content asking the question, "How do we know what we know?'  The second element, Extended Essay, is a 4,000 word paper extending a concept from any IB course the student chooses.  The final element, CAS, constitutes 150 hours of time outside the classroom in the areas of Creativity (50+ hours), Action (50+ hours) and Service (50+ hours).  Students design their own CAS program with the support of the CAS Supervisor.