• Garden/Nature/Envirothon

    1. Marsh Creek Sixth Grade Center Garden/Nature/Envirothon Club will consist of students who are interested in understanding their natural environments and their role in it. Students participating in this club will need to be dedicated and able to attend weekly club meetings.
    2. We will tend to the Community Garden, spruce up our school grounds, walk to Shamona Creek almost weekly to test the water quality and make observations, learn about our local trees, mammals, birds, aquatic life, take nature walks to look for tracks and scat, and enjoy the company of each other and our beautiful planet!
    3.  In May, we will be participating in the Chester County Envirothon, which is sponsored by the Chester County Conservation District and the Chester County Parks and Recreation Department. The event, which is held at Hibernia Park, provides a means for students to demonstrate what they have learned about their environment in a competitive team atmosphere.
    4. Clubs will be held on Thursdays from 3:30-4:30 PM beginning 9/12.
    5. If you enjoy being outdoors and learning how to be a steward of the planet, this club is for you!

    Yours Environmentally,

    Mrs. Cain, Team C Science