Chess Club

    Chess Club


    Chess Club will explore popular opening moves, middle game strategies, and end game strategies.  Student will have an opportunity to play each other and will be expected to play different people each week within the club, including the teacher.  Students will also be asked to keep records of each game so that we as a club may discuss successes and learning opportunities.  
    Mr. Turley: dturley@dasd.org

    Dear Parents or Guardians:

    The Marsh Creek 6th Grade Center Chess Club will begin on Tuesday, . Chess Club will September 11, 2018and continue on Tuesdays, unless otherwise announced, until May 21, 2019 and will take place from 3:30 - 4:30 p.m. The club sponsor is Mr. Turley and the club will meet in Room B108.All students are invited to join but students are encouraged to sign up promptly since there will be a cap on the number of students allowed to join certain clubs (for safety and participation purposes). 

    Intramural/Club fees are applicable with some of the activities. This one-time fee of $25 must be paid in order to participate. Students must have a ride home at 4:30 p.m., or a pass to ride the activity bus. Passes can be obtained by forwarding a signed copy of the activity bus contract (found on the MC website) to the main office. If picking up, please be prompt and meet your child at 4:30 in the pick-up lane.

    Attendance will be taken during each club session. Students must assume the responsibility of notifying the activity sponsor if they are unable to attend. They must also abide by school rules and the code of discipline. Students who fail to follow rules or instructions, or exhibit poor sportsmanship, may be denied participation privileges by the activity sponsor.