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    Home & School Association Meetings will be held virtually on zoom until further notice.  Zoom links will be posted below and also on our facebook page.  All meetings will begin at 7:00 pm.  All are welcome and the calendar dates are is below:  


    Monday, May 24th, 2021


    Upcoming Events



     Interested in what Home and School does?  Read more below:



    The mission of the Downingtown East Home and School (DEH&S) is to encourage interaction between family and school, serve as a source of support for our teachers, staff and community, and improve our student’s overall educational experience. 


    • To make our school feel more welcoming and inviting.  
    • To provide administrative/financial support for teachers/faculty for existing/new initiatives.
    • To increase communication with families, teachers, staff and community.
    • To identify events and programs to add to our school year.
    • To increase volunteer pool & create formal committee structure with specific roles and responsibilities for volunteers.

    Strategies to support Goals

    • Create a welcoming committee who will reach out to new families for support, and to enhance our school entryway to show the caring and supportive school family that we are.
    • Solicit staff/administration in the form of “mini-grants” for specific needs. Identify how many will be approved each year and disburse funds thereafter.
    • Create weekly or monthly (TBD) flyer or communication document to be updated as necessary and sent along with Principals Friday communication.  
    • Survey parents, students and teachers to identify new events/activities/topics that Home and School can offer.
    • Identify and elect a volunteer coordinator to organize efforts. Document roles and responsibilities for said volunteers.
    • Research and facilitate fundraisers throughout the year

    Existing Activities and Events New Program Ideas and Roles

    • Gift Cards for families in need Spring Craft Show 
    • Designer Bag Bingo Senior
    • Faculty Breakfasts/Lunches 
    • First Fridays – coffee and donuts
    • Valentines Day Kisses
    • Senior Post Prom After Party 
    • Senior Book Scholarships
    • True Grit Scholarships Identify fundraising committees volunteer

    New Program Ideas and Roles 

    • Improve front entryway of school 
    • Parent to Parent Night (incoming freshman)
    • Additional teacher/staff breakfasts/lunches
    • Safe Driving program before Prom 
    • Facilitate parent/student surveys for new ideas
    • Identify a website/social media volunteer
    • Identify program committees volunteer
    • Identify a teacher liaison volunteer
    • Identify a student liaison volunteer
    • Identify fundraising committees volunteer