Thank You to the DHSW Staff and Students who helped with our Parent to Parent Night!

  • Thank you DHSW Staff and Students for helping with this event! As our kids were coming up from 8th grade West seemed so intimidating! As a H&S we are always open to suggestions on how to help, in our limited way, parents and upcoming students feel welcome and a part of the West community. Having the students talk about their personal experiences and hearing that West is not only a great learning environment but that they can create relationships with other students and teachers is very reassuring to incoming students and parents. It is great to hear that the learning opportunities are vast and not just limited to academics but that there are countless hands-on choices, clubs, school events and community outreach opportunities that help ensure the well-roundedness of our West students. 
    Some comments we have already received:
    'Even as a parent of a 9th grader, I thought this was so informative probably even more so [than last year] because I have some perspective.'
    'I saw that it boils down to the kids themselves to determine how much rigor they can handle.'
    'I really thought it was a good night and was happy I went.'
  • D-West Home & School

    D-West H&S is a volunteer, parent run organization with the goal of helping other parents stay informed of the happenings at D-West and across the district. We meet once a month with Mr. Barker, our Principal, to learn of all the new and exciting things that occur at D-West. Often we will arrange to have presenters on various topics to give an in-depth view of important issues that can affect our kids. In addition D-West H&S supports our teachers and students through various fundraisers and volunteer opportunities. Look for ways to support D-West H&S in the Weekly email blast!  


     Please click on the titles below. These were presentations at our previous H&S meetings: 

    Miller's Safe Teen Driving presentation

    Mr. Borkowski's slide presentation on Navigating Naviance

    Dr. Brigette Erwin, Anxiety and OCD Center, Malvern, PA  

    Article on PTO/HSA theft.