• Learning and instruction has taken on a new identity at DMS. The positivity and excitement for project-based learning and more authentic experiences is building, and our teachers are creating more and more opportunities for our students to collaborate, communicate, critically think, and create. Additionally, our positive behavior support program (Own Your Actions) is providing students and staff the opportunity to emphasize respect, resourcefulness, and personal responsibility.

    Instead of focusing solely on either a task, assessment, or grade, we recognize the value of the learning process, including failure and the growth that emerges from failure. To this end, we "upgraded" our awards assemblies to the more authentic DMS Recognition Ceremonies. Each marking period students will be nominated by teachers for demonstrating the 3Rs—respect, responsibility and resourcefulness. We celebrate achievements and growth in these areas with a special recognition breakfast for students and their parents.

    We are excited to foster an environment where the genuine process of learning is valued by our students, parents, and staff. We look forward to having you join us on this journey.


    2018-2019 DMS Recognition Ceremony Schedule:

    Marking Period 1: Monday, November 5th - 7 & 8 Grade breakfast ceremony

    Marking Period 2: Tues, January 22nd - 7 & 8 Grade breakfast ceremony

    Marking Period 3: Friday, March 29th - 7 & 8 Grade breakfast ceremony

    Marking Period 4: Monday, May 20th - 7th grade breakfast ceremony & 8th Grade dinner ceremony