Curriculum and Instruction Department

  • Downingtown Area School District’s instructional vision is characterized by an emphasis on rigorous, challenging curriculum and instruction, engaging learning activities that are relevant and applicable for students, empowering students to take an active role in choosing what and how they learn (agency).

    DASD’s curriculum is rooted in the instructional standards that are defined by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The curriculum review cycle is a systematic process for the development of instructional documents and planning for the delivery of curriculum, instruction, and assessment in each content area and grade level. Its purpose is to create a structure within which to ensure alignment of instruction to content standards, allow for the critical evaluation of academic programs, balance significant resource expenditures, provide opportunity for stakeholder feedback, ensure regular updates to curriculum based on best-practice, and drive professional development. Downingtown Area School District’s curriculum review cycle consists of six stages through which each K-12 curricular area will progress based on their assigned year. Adjustments may be made to this plan in the event of a significant legislative alteration by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, or if student outcome data indicate a need for immediate changes.

Curriculum Department

First Name Last Name Title Extension Email Web Page
Louis Chance Assistant Superintendent of Academics and Pupil Services 11305 Visit Page
Jonathan Blow Supervisor of K-6 Math/STEM 11311 Visit Page
Diane Boff Supervisor of K-6 ELA/Humanities 11302 Visit Page
Kelly Byrne Supervisor of 7-12 Math/STEM 11313 Visit Page
Troy Podell Supervisor of 7-12 ELA/Humanities 11314 Visit Page
Stephanie Smalls Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent of Academics and Pupil Services 11305
Kellie Brewer Administrative Assistant 11306
Curriculum Council Teacher Leaders Visit Page
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