Von Schwandt

Phone: (610)269-4400, Ext. 7932


Degrees and Certifications:

Degrees Bachelor of Science in Education (Millersville University, 2008) Certifications Secondary Social Studies (Level II) Special Education (Level II) Continuing Education Immaculata University

Von Schwandt

Educational Background: I graduated high school in 2004 from Owen J. Roberts High School.  My years as a undergrad were spent at Millersville University where I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Education - Social Studies in 2008.  Since then I have earned a certification in Special Education and continue to take graduate level courses.  

Teaching Experience:  After spending a few months as a substitute teacher I was hired in 2008 to work full time in the Downingtown Area School District.  Since then, I have taught in ACCESS, the emotional support program offered here at West.  In addition to teaching, I'm an advisor for the Magic: the Gathering Club, and participate in the teacher mentoring program.  

Classes Taught
In the emotional support setting
African/Asian Studies/AC
Western Civ/AC
US History/AC
American Government/AC
Math Courses (Co-Taught)
Organizational Lab/AC