• Strings

    Strings help reinforce how beneficial it is to have music as a part of our daily lives. Students in strings make friends,  build self-esteem with succeeding at an instrument, and they can be creative with the music that they learn. Our concerts showcase how hard the students work and how wonderful the students sound when playing their instruments together. Pickering Valley is so lucky to have a successful and strong music program!
    The string instruments available are the violin, viola, cello and string bass. All of these instruments can make a sound by using a bow, or by plucking the strings. Students begin learning their chosen instrument by plucking the strings for the first few months of lessons.

    Students can start taking string lessons in 3rd grade and can continue in 4th and 5th grade. Lessons are for 30 minutes, once a cycle during the school day. Lessons are in small groups with 5-8 students per group according to their instrument. Parents can rent the instruments through local music stores or the school might have cellos and basses available. Students also need a music stand to keep at home for practicing their music.

    To improve their progress and skills, it is important that they practice at home at least 5 days a week! Practicing helps them remember what they learned at their last lesson.We use a method book which teaches all about rhythm, reading music, instrument technique, sound, and music history.

    Beginners(first year students) will have several practices prior to their first concert at the end of the school year. The concert will take place during the school day and of course parents are invited.  
     2nd and 3rd year students have a Winter concert and Spring concert. They will have morning rehearsals before school every week to prepare for these performances.