• For the first sport a student participates in an academic year they always need the "full physical", and always need a physician's signature.       
    • Subsequent sports in the same academic year require the "recertification physical" form to be filled out. It only needs to be signed by a physician when there has been an injury/illness on or off the field during/between seasons.  On the top of the recertification form it tells  you if you answer any question "yes" you must see a physician.       
    • All athletes MUST fill out one or the other form to participate in sports.
    (Please Note: For Recert Form you Only need the First 2 pages please disregard the 3rd - The 3rd would have been turned in with the "Full Physical Form" whenever a first sport was played) 
     Fall Physicals:
    There will be NO Fall Physicals available at DMS this summer.  Please go to your nearest CVS, Walgreen's, Urgent Care and/or your personal Primary Physician to obtain a Full Physical.  In the event you have already had a physical dated June 1, 2017 or later, this will suffice for the 2017 Fall Sport Season.  Please bring the forms listed above to the place of your choice, complete the parent portion and have the Doctor complete the Physician's portion.  Please bring a copy of the forms into the office and we will be sure to get them to the assigned coach.  
    Please download "Full physical form" (above) and have filled out prior to seeing the physician.
    FALL 2017 Sport Coaches:
    Football: Mike Drill - mdrill@dasd.org
    Girls Soccer: Stacy Tukloff-Vansant svansant@dasd.org
    Boys Soccer: Ryan McLaughlin - rmclaughlin@dasd.org
    Girls Field Hockey: Vanessa Thornton - vthornton@dasd.org
    Girls Volleyball: Bobby H. Jo - bjo@libertyproperty.com  
    Please note:  *School Physicals typically cost $25.00 with checks payable to "Gateway Medical", however DMS is unavailable for Fall Physicals this year.