• During an academic year, a student will need a "FULL PHYSICAL" prior to the FIRST sport in which the student participates. A physician's signature is required for a "FULL PHYSICAL".       
    • Subsequent sports in the same academic year only require the "RECERTIFICATION PHYSICAL" form to be filled out. It only needs to be signed by a physician when there has been an injury/illness on or off the field during/between seasons.  On the top of the recertification form it tells  you if you answer any question "yes" you must see a physician.       
    • Every athlete MUST fill out a FULL PHYSICAL form or RECERTIFICATION PHYSICAL form for EACH sport, depending on the criteria above.

    Full Physical Form (Click Here)


    Re-Certification Physical Form (Click Here) 

    (Please Note: For Recert Form you Only need the First 2 pages please disregard the 3rd - The 3rd would have been turned in with the "Full Physical Form" whenever a first sport was played)