• Volunteer Requirements

    We Love our Volunteers!!!!

    Thank you to our current and future Downingtown Area School District volunteers.   Without their help and support, we would be unable to provide our students with a great education and enjoyable school environment!  To maintain a safe and healthy environment, background clearances are now mandatory for both staff and volunteers.  Should you wish to volunteer in any of our DASD schools, please follow the instructions below.

    1.     Pennsylvania state requirements for volunteers

    School volunteer requirements are currently under review at the state level.   However, early in July, the General Assembly passed House Bill 1276 which effects clearances for volunteers and employees. The major changes are as follows.

      • Two of the volunteer clearances will be now be "free"' 
      • Volunteer clearances will now be good for 5 years

    The two, free, state mandated certifications that DASD volunteers will need can be obtained by clicking on the links below.

    2.     Additional DASD requirements for volunteers:

    • Proof of a recent Tuberculosis examination from your family physician
    • Annual completion of DASD Policy 916 - Volunteer Disclosure Form

    1.     DASD Volunteer Disclosure Form 

    2.     DASD School Volunteer Policy #916 (Search for Policy 916 in the left column)

    3.    Residents who have lived in Pennsylvania for less than 10 years

    Those who have not lived in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for the past ten years will also need to fill out a federal criminal history check in addition to the above documentation.   

    Federal Criminal History Report - Volunteer is responsible for cost of this report ($27.00)

    Once you receive your clearances….

    Please make one copy of each clearance for your records and send a copy to the school (s) you intend to volunteer with. These certifications will be good for the next 60 months and will travel with you as your child moves from one school level to the next. 

    Already have your clearances?

    If a DASD school already has your clearances (and they are less than 60 months old), and proof of TB examination please fill out the annually required DASD Volunteer Disclosure Form.

    1.     DASD Volunteer Disclosure Form 

    Again, we thank you for giving us your time and energy.  Should you have any questions, please check out our FAQ on volunteers or contact Director of Communications, Jennifer Shealy jshealy@dasd.org.