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    The STEM Academy, through the Pathways and Practicum program provides opportunities for students during junior and senior years to explore a specific career area of interest through course work, trips, speakers, research and university-based activities.  Students are also prepared with “soft skills” training to develop their time management, presentation, communication and interviewing skills. Why? The goal of the Pathways and Practicum program is to prepare students for both college and career readiness.

    The four career academies, or Pathways, offered by the Academy, largely reflect STEM fields and each academy culminates in an individualized capstone activity, or STEM Practicum. The following Academies are available to students: 

    o   Academy of Corporate and Mathematical Innovation

    o   Academy of Health, Medicine and Biology

    o   Academy of Applied Science and Engineering

    o   Academy of Technology, Media and Communications

    The STEM Practicum is the culmination of students’ work and experiences in their STEM Pathways at the Academy, further developing their critical thinking and practical work skills. The practicum also provides them with the opportunity to make informed decisions regarding their future career choices. The Practicum includes a Career Exploration, Independent Research Project or STEM related College Course. The Career Exploration is a 21 hour on-site experience with STEM Academy business partners and is a requirement for graduation.