• Blended Students At Work

    Welcome to the Downingtown Cyber Academy!
    The Downingtown Area School district offers a variety of blended and fully cyber courses free-of-charge to our students in grades K-12.
    Our vision:
    The Downingtown Cyber Academy and the Downingtown blended program aspire to achieve academic excellence through flexible educational experiences for students in the Downingtown Area School District. We hope to revolutionize education by blending traditional face-to-face classes with student-centered online content and open learning spaces.
    Our goals:
    We strive to:
    • Use both face-to-face classes and online learning to build a strong academic foundation in all academic areas, including the arts.
    • Foster 21st century competencies such as critical thinking, communication, leadership, collaboration, and problem-solving.
    • Provide scheduling flexibility for the students throughout the school day.
    • Allow students to move at their own pace.
    • Increase parental involvement through a virtual presence.
    • Excite students to learn through the use of innovative technology tools.
    • Prepare students for higher education and the workforce by using technology.
    • Challenge our graduates to become problem solvers and leaders in their community.