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    The West Bradford Home and School Association is an all-volunteer organization of parents, teachers and staff workign together to support our elementary school and enrich your children's experience. Every family at West Bradford is a part of the organization but our success depends on your involvement.
    Join us at HSA meetings, events and volunteer on a committee.
    Contact us! 

     If you have any questions about the West Bradford Elementary School Home & School Board or our sponsored events and activities, email westbradfordhands@gmail.com.

    2019-2020 board members 

    Aakanksha Shah, President                      (312) 375-1561                aakanksha.panjwani@gmail.com                    
    Larissa Doust, 1st Vice President              (805) 712-7219                larissavbd@gmail.com
    Melissa Auvil, 2nd Vice President              (610) 331-7549                Melissa.Auvil@gmail.com
    Allyson Welsh, Secretary                         (610) 716-1755                 allysonwelsh@verizon.net
    Heidi Slater, Treasurer                             (703) 627-1316                Heidi_huseby_slater@yahoo.com